Travel to the Basque Country and fall in love with its charms

If something could not be missing, it was a guide to one of the most wonderful places in the world, the Basque Country. Let yourself be conquered by the fantastic and charismatic destinations of this geographical area and immerse yourself in a culture with thousands of years of history and mysteries.

In order to make planning your trip easier and to be able to repeat it (as there is no doubt that you will love each of the nooks and crannies you visit), we have classified these extraordinary places, separating them into the three provinces that make up the Basque Country: Guipúzcoa, Vizcaya and Álava.


Comb of the Winds

This work by the sculptor Eduardo Chillida is located on the Donostiarra coast at the foot of Mount Igueldo. It is an excellent place to appreciate the power of the sea, since the waves break directly on rocks where the sculptures are located.

Concha Bay

One of the most surprising landscapes of the Guipuzcoan panorama. Following the new promenade route, from the top of Mount Urgull you can see the entire bay and part of the city of San Sebastián. And what better way to end a walk than having a few pinchos in the classic and well-known old part of Donosti.

The Geopark

It is without a doubt the pearl of the Basque coast. With its characteristic cliffs and the formations of the flysch (a set of rocks deposited for years) it is impossible not to enjoy this peculiar coastal route.

Itzurun beach with the hermitage of San Telmo on top

Basque cider houses in Hernani and Astigarraga

You cannot leave the province without having tried the typical cider house menu. There is no better place for it than the thousand-year-old cider houses of Hernani and Astigarraga where they offer an unbeatable treatment and some delicacies of dishes: cod omelette, cod tacos and beef chop.

Cider house Alorrenea de Hernani. Source:



It is the treasure of the Biscayan landscapes par excellence. This hermitage located in the town of Bermeo is an islet near the coast, something unique in the whole world for its architecture and location. Such is its beauty that it has been chosen as the filming location for the seventh season of Game of Thrones.

Gaztelugatxe Island

Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao

The masterpiece of the American architect Frank Gehry. The curvatures and works around the museum will not leave you indifferent and will transport you to a futuristic environment. Although the only artistic thing is not in the facade, inside you will find an art gallery with works of various artists. You can also walk the promenade of the Bilbao estuary while observing the changes in tone that the museum experiences as the sun is setting.

Guggenheim museum. next to the Bilbao estuary

The forest of Oma

This "enchanted" forest is the perfect mix between art and hiking. The artistic work created in the open by Agustín Ibarrola is a unique way of enjoying the Basque biosphere. Play to find the “pictures” by combining different trees and perspectives.

One of the paintings from the Forest of Oma. Source:

Fishing villages of Vizcaya (Bermeo, Santurtzi, Elantxobe, Mundaka ...)

There is no better destination to learn about Basque traditions in relation to fishing than these coastal towns. Although today many of these do not continue with the tradition of fishing, they have the best enclaves to practice all kinds of tourism activities. Take advantage and go for a canyon descent or join the surf school.

Lekeitio Beach


Salto del Nervión

It is about the source of the Nervión river. Between April and May, in the thaw months, a spectacular waterfall forms through the 270-meter Delika Gorge. A natural beauty that is definitely worth visiting.

Nervión waterfall and Delika valley

Bodegas de la rioja alavesa (Ysios and Marqués de Riscal)

For those who love wine or who simply like to enjoy unique buildings and landscapes, there is no better destination than Rioja Alavesa. You can enjoy architectural wonders while tasting one of the best wines in the world.

Ysios Winery in Laguardia. Source:

Marqués de Riscal winery and hotel in Elciego

Old Cathedral of Vitoria: Santa María

In the capital of the province of Álava we find the majestic cathedral of Vitoria that inspired Ken Follet himself to write the pillars of the earth. Visiting this building will transport you to the England of the Middle Ages.

Santa Maria la Vieja cathedral dome. Source:

Finally, some word tips in Euskera (the language of the Basque Country) to blend in and look like a lord with the locals. Say hello with an epaor kaixoto the people and say goodbye with a agur eta beste bat art (goodbye and until next time). Do not forget to know how to order a skewer, pintxo bat mesedez and have a drink of cider with the characteristic sound of txoooot.

And to finish, if apart from sightseeing you are interested in the locals, nothing better than knowing how to throw an affectionate compliment like me.unduari buelta emango nioke helmuga zeu izango bazina(I would be delighted to go around the world if you were the goal).

Bidai ona izan! (Good trip!)

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