Outsourcing: outsourcing of functions in the company

A growing trend in the processes of containment of operating costs of companies is outsourcing secondary functions.

The main functions that are outsourced to external providers are:

1. Administrative functions, such as accounting, tax and commercial obligations or management of invoices and delinquencies, among others.

2. Computer Servicessuch as server maintenance, software providers, equipment repairs, data protection, etc.

3. Specific marketing services, such as telephone service, community manager, specific promotions, advertising or corporate image.

4. Logistics and freight transport services.

The main advantage Of this outsourcing lie in paying greater attention to the core functions of the company, in the transformation of fixed costs into variable costs and in capacity for improvement and efficiency by hiring specialists in outsourced functions.

But it is also important to consider the drawbacks of these decisions:

1. Dependence on the provider of outsourced services.

2. The lack of flexibility to adapt the service to the evolution of the business.

3. Sometimes, the appearance of unforeseen costs (and not clear in the contracts) that prevent the expected savings from being achieved.

And finally, a caution and a tip.

Caution: It is important that the contract allows its termination when deemed convenient and appropriate plans must be in place to prevent contingencies.

Advice: The outsourcing of services cannot, in any case, imply the abandonment of the responsibilities of the company's administrators.

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