Albarracín, Teruel

Albarracín is a town whose strategic and historical importance is manifested in the buildings and other traces still present today. Its narrow streets, its walls and houses make up a Historic-Artistic Complex.

Another charm of Albarracín derives from the surroundings, because the town is located in an area of ​​extraordinary beauty and natural interest, the Albarracín mountain range that includes the National Hunting Reserve of the Universal Mountains. The mountains that belong to the Montes are watered by numerous streams and also important rivers such as the Guadalaviar, Cabriel and Cuervo. In addition, the source of the emblematic river Tagus is located next to Frías de Albarracín.

History of Albarracín

Thanks to its strategic point, Albarracín was inhabited by different civilizations and still today preserves remains of many of them. It has cave paintings from the Paleolithic Period, Iberian sites, a Roman aqueduct and remains of Moorish buildings, such as the Alcazaba and the Torre del Andador.

Monuments of Interest in Albarracín

  • The Alcazaba
  • Lascasas de la Julianeta
  • Cathedral from the fourteenth century, with a solanave with Renaissance-type niche chapels. The altarpiece of San Pedro stands out.
  • Monastery of San Bruno and San Esteban, Gothic style. Contains an ivory work of art from the time of the Spanish colonies, the genealogical tree of Christ, from Adam to the cross
  • The Episcopal Palace, next to the cathedral
  • Santiago church out of 1626
  • Church of Sta. Maria which is renaissance style
  • Paintings outdoor.
  • The molars - they are rock massifs that stand out in the landscape, with vertical walls and a flattened tip. The famous Muela de San Juan has strongholds from the ice age period in the highest parts
  • LaSierra del Tremedal and the Sierra de Jabaloyas: They are mountain ranges full of forests with various types of trees, rituals and some green meadows whose beauty is really striking.

Recommended hotels in Albarracín:

  • HotelAlbarracin: located in the beautiful old Palacio de la Brigadiera this 3 star hotel has 40 rooms in the heart of the historic area. Quiet and clean hotel. See photos, reviews and book this hotel online
  • Paradorde Teruel
  • Camarena Sercotel Suite: the Hotel is located in the Ensanche Turolense area, just 10 minutes from Dinópolis, next to the Parque de los Fueros and the football field. Recently built building with its own parking. With a unique spirit, the hospitality of the staff and the facilities of the Hotel Suite Camarena Plaza, make the guest enjoy an excellent service and move like a tourist without ceasing to feel at home.
  • Torico Plaza Sercotel: It has 31 rooms, totally exterior, from where you can contemplate the Torre Mudejar del Salvador and the Fountain of the Plaza del Torico.

What to visit in the vicinity of Albarracín?

They are Cella, Orihueladel Tremedal, Bezas, Tormón.

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