What would be the most pompous wedding of the Zodiac horoscopes?

Wedding is something that every woman dreams of doing it one day. The difference is that while some Zodiac horoscopes want something simple, intimate and discreet, others want something more showy and pompous.

It is a matter of taste and for tastes are the colors. So goes the saying. Not? So you will judge which wedding is the most pompous:

What would the wedding of an Aries be like?

An Aries wants one good wedding, but religious and sober. Let it be an elegant wedding, in a beautiful, distinguished place, but taking a good look at the number of diners, a classic and correct menu, good wines ... All worthy of a gourmet. And an end of the party with dancing. All very well organized. The classic and elegant wedding dress or groom's suit, from a good brand and with style. The bride with headdress and straight dress, without ruffles and stylized, Carolina Herrera style; and the groom in a dark suit or with an Ermenegildo Zegna morning suit.

What would a Taurus wedding look like?

Taurus is over the top and wants a super pompous wedding. Taurus wants a wedding of a thousand guests, with a horse carriage and everything else that is more expensive, that he can afford. He will marry in the cathedral, with all the ceremoniousness indicated in the canons. The menu will be a lot of dishes, the gigantic cake and the bride and groom's suits deserve a separate chapter ... At least an Armani tuxedo and the bride's dress a Rosa Clará with a lot of tulle and a lot of veil ... The place in the country, in an impressive estate, orchestra, show, clowns for children.

What would a Gemini wedding be like?

Gemini doesn't intend anything exorbitant. He wants a beautiful wedding, civilly, with many friends and family around and above all, that it be the most fun wedding of all. As little as possible will be spent to be correct. You could hire a comedian or a show to impress and entertain your guests. There will be clowns to entertain the children. The wedding dress could be Empress Sisi style or something original like Chloé, but that favors you. Of course, you will give a lot of importance to makeup. The Gemini will choose an ivory-colored suit, as if it were the bride. All very happy and festive!

What would a Cancer wedding be like?

Cancer wants a good wedding but without going overboard. It would be classic wedding, for the church, everything carefully chosen, exquisite, delicate, with a lot of class, but there would be no lack of detail. You will choose one of the best hotels in the city. The food is exquisite, but not wasted. Good music in the end, but without exaggeration. Just enough will be spent so that everything is correct, but perfect. The bride's dress will be understated and elegant, but not flashy, probably from Chanel. The groom a dark ceremony suit from some good designer.

What would the wedding of a Leo be like?

Leo wants a good wedding, but without committing anything crazy. He will marry in the church. You will choose the place of the reception with a lot of time, because you know perfectly the type of farm you want for your wedding. On a hill, overlooking the sea, cocktail on the terrace, gardens for the photographic report, the impeccably decorated dining room. Exquisite food, good wines, good music. Flowers are very important. He bride's dress will be elegant but with a sexy touch, that enhances your silhouette like Ellie Saab. He does not like pastel dresses. The Leo man will sport a fine designer morning coat or tuxedo or dark suit with a waistcoat.

What would a Virgo wedding be like?

Virgo wants a simple and correct wedding. The Virgo Scale of Values does not allow you, to let your wedding be a waste, so there will be few guests. You will marry in church or civil. There will be no photographer, because a friend will take the photos. Just two hours of dancing with the DJ, after the banquet. You will choose an elegant hotel, but a 4 star. It will stick to your budget and it won't go over there. The bride's dress will be very simple and her hair will be tied up in a bun; and the Virgo man will wear a dark suit, white shirt, and formal tie. Seriousness above all.

What would a Libra wedding be like?

Libra will make a super sophisticated and pompous wedding. You will choose the most fashionable and chic place in the city, with gardens for the photographic report. Aperitif in the gardens. Impressive rooms. The gourmet menu will be the most expensive on the menu. Everything will be design: the cake, the decoration of the room, the tables, the spectacular cake, the gifts for the guests… Live orchestra, dance until dawn… The dress of Valentino's bride and that of the groom Wear a morning coat Or an Armani tuxedo. Total glamor!

What would a Scorpio wedding be like?

Scorpio will mount a groundbreaking and eccentric wedding. You will look for the most innovative to surprise your guests. It will be a select wedding, both of people (very selected and important people) as well as the place and the menu. Will choose a eccentric local, unusual, to shock. Decorated in black or midnight blue. The menu will not be anything traditional. The cake could be black and allegorical. Background chamber music throughout the dinner. And the dance in a private fashion venue, which you will have rented for your guests. A Scorpio would choose Karl Lagerfeld as the designer for their costumes. All spectacular!

What would the wedding of a Sagittarius look like?

A Sagittarius will mount a cheap and friendly hippy wedding. He prefers to save the money for a good honeymoon (exotic or adventure trip), than to spend it on eating. I could get married on the beach all dressed in white. Civil or paripé wedding. The cocktail would be served by waiters dressed in tails. The bride has an Ibizan mermaid dress, the flower headdress and the groom also in a white suit. The catering would be correct, a lot of wine and a lot of champagne, but a cocktail type. A friend would be the photographer. Photographic report on the beach at sunset and music until sunrise.

What would the wedding of a Capricorn be like?

Capricorn would make a great wedding, classic style and traditional. Religious wedding. It would be in the best hotel, all decorated and organized as the canons mark. No more no less. As a menu they would choose the best and most complete, but no eccentricities. The bride's dress would be Oscar de la Renta and the Capricorn man would choose a morning suit. Seriousness and sobriety. No vulgarity or shouting or drunkenness. After the treat, they would open the dance with a waltz.

What would the wedding of an Aquarius be like?

Aquarius surely wouldn't marry, but if anyone ever didIt would be a civil wedding or they could have a party for friends, doing the paripe as if they were getting married. They like simple things and without much pomp. Her dress would be discreet, with straight lines and minimalist, Adolfo Dominguez type. And the Aquarius man the same. They would have a wedding with few people, but their best friends. The treat in a charming and soberly decorated place. The menu very well chosen, with good wines.

What would a Pisces wedding be like?

Pisces would have a crazy wedding. All your imagination at the service of the moment. It would be a civil or religious wedding, depending ... The place, the tables, the room ... All decorated to match and very ornate. The dress would be very pretty and extravagant, as well as sexy. A Donatella Versace would be nice. A Pisces man, a dark suit or a Jean Paul Gaultier tuxedo, but with a bow tie. The exquisite menu and very well chosen by the couple. It would be a wedding, which would surprise everyone.

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