Absence of menstruation without pregnancy. Could it be menopause?

What can the lack of menstruation be due to?

Prolonged absence of menstrual periods is a relatively common condition that is present in up to 5% of adult women at some point in their lives.

The absence of menstruation is known as amenorrhea.

Primary amenorrhea is when a young woman has never had a menstrual period, while the secondary amenorrhea is when a woman has had her period in the past, but has missed her monthly period for three months or more.

Most common causes of missed menstrual periods

In addition to pregnancy and menopause, some of the possible reasons a woman may experience amenorrhea include:

  • High levels of stress

Being under a lot of stress causes the body to start saving energy by avoiding ovulation.

Experience a traumatic event It can cause the adrenal glands to work excessively, altering the production of estrogen and other reproductive hormones causing menstruation to fail.

For our body, emergency situations take priority.

When an excess of stress hormones are produced, such as cortisol and adrenaline, which would help us survive, sex hormones take a back seat.

  • Bad nutrition

    A poor diet low in nutrients can affect the adrenal and thyroid glands. A high intake of sugar, hydrogenated fats, and artificial additives or pesticides is linked to thyroid problems and adrenal fatigue that can elevate cortisol.

Excess cortisol affects the optimal function of many other essential hormones, such as sex hormones.

  • Extreme weight loss and / or low body weight

When the body mass index is less than 18-19, body fat is lost over time.

Body fat is important for creating enough estrogen, and this is why very thin women or those with serious illnesses such as anorexia and bulimia may experience absence of menstrual periods.

  • Excess exercise

Although moderate exercise is very important for health, excess can affect the adrenal glands, to thyroid Yet the hypophysis.

Women who begin to do intensity exercise, such as training for a marathon, may suddenly stop having periods.

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