Will I be able to hold on?

How many times have we thought that we could not handle a situation, that the pain would overcome us and would deepen so much that it would leave us aside, how many times have we thought ... could I? Will I hold on? A very special poem ...

How difficult is this phrase

Uneclipse between the two

A separate world

That I can't put together

It's your thoughts that confuse me

I don't know if it's love or friendship

I only want to ask you my girl

If i have that chance

Let your heart beat and mine

The two alone and at the same time

That in these years in love

I had to hide it from you

But I can't anymore, it's already a lot

Non-stop pressure.

I don't know if with this poem

I wait an answer

I don't know if I really will

I don't know if what I feel is true

But I don't want to perish

I want to know what you feel

If i can really wait

If your interior resides

That little bit of love that will save me

I don't want to make you decide

It's hard I know

But I'm afraid of losing you

Fear of not saying that phrase

That I like you

That I love you

Queen I will be crazy if you are not there.

David ramos

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