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Stores with discounts on Black Friday

Selection of stores where you can find discounts for Black Friday

This year 2020 the Black Friday on November 29. It is always celebrated the day after Thanksgiving and is the day that Christmas shopping begins in the US and in more and more places in the world. Also known as Black Friday, Black Friday is a day when stores and department stores offer significant discounts and rebates in order to guarantee Christmas purchases.

So if you want to save some money on your Christmas shopping you can take advantage of the discounts and rebates offered by many of the stores that are added to this day.

Where do we find discounts on Black Friday or Black Friday?


Black Friday on Amazon, one of the great online sales, offers discounts of up to 60% among its main products. They offer discounts every 5 minutes

On Friday, November 23, Black Friday will begin ”and on Monday, November 26, they will continue with the offers on Cyber ​​Monday.

The most notable items on offer are:

  • Computers up to 40% off.
  • Clothes and shoes up to 47% discount.
  • Jewelry up to 50% discount.
  • Home appliances from 15% to 25%
  • Perfumes up to 66% discount.

The English Court

The most important department stores in Spain, El Corte Inglés, have made a selection of products, which will be more discounted and interesting, for the consumer. They have fashion with their own and external brands, jewelry, food, electronics, toys, sports equipment or decorative items are some of the departments that you can visit in their centers. Last year it offered up to 60% discount on some items. This year they have announced that promotions in technology will reach 25% on LED televisions, it will also offer discounts of between 7% and 50% on consoles and video games and in perfumery, it will offer discounts of up to 66% on some fragrance brands .

Dates indicated in El Corte Inglés Black Friday 2020 -

  • November 28 at 22:00: Pre El Corte Inglés Black Friday
  • November 29 and 30: El Corte Inglés Black Friday
  • December 1: El Corte Inglés Cyber ​​Monday

other featured and discounted products:

  • Coats, from € 89, men's shoes from € 59, fashion from € 19, perfumery 10%
  • GPS for the car, from € 99
  • TV, selected by them, will be with 30%
  • Projectors Home Cinema, with a 15% discount.
  • electronics with a 10%, Appliances with a 20% discount.
  • Accessories for PS4 only for € 15, Playmobil up to 30% discount.

Media Mark

This German store, leader in electronics, has 85 stores distributed by the different Autonomous Communities. You can find discounted prices between € 50 and € 200 on a selection of items from all its departments: computers, video games, household appliances, smartphones, tablets, televisions, cameras, etc ... It has made a selection of discounted products, among which we can highlight the following:

  • Lenovo computers, € 300 discount.
  • Huawei Smartphone from € 99
  • Office spare parts: stationery, consumables ... from € 9.90

On their website they recommend that you subscribe to their newsletter to receive discounts and news for those days before anyone else.


Apple in its online store. And, Apple A2 establishments will send their subscribed users a newsletter informing of the discounts of the Friday, November 29. Among all their products, they will offer discounts of between 15% and 30% discount. The Black Friday offers will be on Apple products such as: Iphone, iPad, Mac or Watch ...


Black Friday Fnac, offers all its customers interesting discounts on some of its products selected from its different departments: bookstore, computers, sound, smartphones, image, photography, home. Fnac offers a 5% discount on all its books.


Mango, Inditex, Asos… If what we are looking for is clothing and fashion, there are also greats in the sector who have joined the initiative and during this day they offer discounts among their registered users by sending emails promoting the sales or directly on the web that same day.

Vueling and Iberia

Vueling offers discounts for travel between December 10 and 17 on all tickets purchased during Black Friday. An offer of 1,000,000 flights, from a price around € 9.99 to € 14.99 each way, taxes included.

Last year Iberia It offered flights for € 25 each way and flight + hotel promotions with discounts of up to 40%.

Every year more stores and companies join this initiative and offer discounts, find out and ask at your favorite stores to take advantage of discounts and Black Friday offers. Plan your purchases and save with Black Friday or Black Friday so that these moments do not hurt the domestic economy so much and we have the purchases planned and then no expenses, gifts, purchases accumulate ...

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