Perfect Asses !!!

How to shape and get perfect buttocks or buttocks through exercises and diet

Who has not looked at their ass in the mirror and thought they would like to have it round as an apple?

I tell you how to get an ass 10 with the help of diet, exercise and the most advanced cosmetics.

Up That Ass: Push Up !!! ASS 10

Perfect Ass

The ass or glutes are muscles, which without exercising them, tend to fall, lose volume and become deformed. That's why you can't lower your guard and everything will be little, to get that ass 10 with which we dream. With my advice, you will achieve that miracle. If you follow all my advice step by step you can improve it.


Yes, yes, yes, don't be lazy. It does not matter to swim on the beach than in the pool. Perhaps it is better in the pool, with a 30-minute circuit will be enough, to improve the legs and buttocks.

Do squats

  1. You have to alternate series walking, lifting knees, taking long strides, running and swimming breaststroke and with fins.
  2. Holding on to the edge of the pool, you can swing your legs and circle your knees. I assure you that the ass goes up!
  3. Ahhh! Don't forget the wonder PLUS of water. Thanks to the water you receive an anti-cellulite and extra massage in the circulation, which is very favorable.
  4. If for whatever reasons you cannot do the aquatic option, resort to what also works: the classic ones squats with or without weights, jump rope, walks in bicycle up hill…

Swimming and exercising on the beach

Foods that tone the buttocks

Definitely protein. A diet of only fruits and vegetables is not enough to keep the gluteal muscles or any other part of the body in shape. The daily protein intake should be between 300 gr. and 500 gr. otherwise, weight loss will lead to loss of muscle mass and increased water retention.

Protein diet

In your fridge, there should be no lack of protein foods such as: chicken, turkey, lean meats, white and blue fish (hake, sole, roosters, salmon, sardines, anchovies ...), eggs, skimmed dairy 0% fat.

Push Up Cosmetics and Reducers

PERFECT FORMS by Germain de Capuccini. It has a push-up effect, fills and redefines curves, lifts, remodels and tones, tightens tissues, fights excess fluids and softens orange peel skin. Spectacular result! When you try it you will love it and you will continue to use it.

Seaweed Cream: Perfect Form

Easy diet: menu

  • Breakfast: 100 gr. Iberian ham with wholemeal toast, with a tea or an infusion.
  • Mid-morning: 2 kiwis.
  • Food: grilled chicken or turkey meat and salad.
  • Snack: 6 walnuts with a tea or a varied infusion.
  • Dinner: grilled white fish and roasted red pepper.

Protein you can take the amount you want. More do not forget baby 2 liters of water.


Mariló Martínez

Marán Beauty Salon

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