Super resistant armored suit with nanoparticles

A new type of carbon fiber developed at the University of Cambridge could be used to weave super tough armored suits for the military and law enforcement.

The researchers claim that their material is already several times stronger, harder and more consistent than the fibers currently used in the manufacture of protective clothing.

This lightweight fiber, made of millions of tiny carbon nanotubes, is beginning to show amazing properties. The discovery has emerged from the initiative to create the strongest synthetic fiber in the world.

"These nanotube fibers have characteristics that allow us to weave them, in the form of clothing, or incorporate them into composite materials to produce super resistant products," says Prof. Windle.

For armored suits, the resistance of the fibers of a fabric is a fundamental parameter. Another would be the deformation to break, that is, how much the material can stretch before it breaks.

The fiber created in Cambridge is very strong, light and good at absorbing energy in the form of fragments that travel at high speed.

Source and full article: BBC Science

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