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I have not yet reached my full potential. I still don't live the life of my dreams. I still haven't found a partner to share my life with. But that does not mean that he is not happy. Because in many ways I am.

I am happy because I can see the opportunities there are. I can feel my potential and I know that one day I will have that little bit of luck needed to make my dreams come true.

Unfortunately that thought is not enough to get you through the bad days. You know what days I'm talking about, those days when you can't even smile. You cannot find kind words. When you just can't even get up and carry on the same performance you've had for years. The truth is that the more you dream, the more likely you are to begin to believe that the life you are living is a nightmare.

Dreaming is important, but you also need to appreciate the things you have done and currently have. It is the combination of the 3 - past, present and future - that creates the necessary motivation to propel your life project towards the stars. If it weren't for these 27 things I wouldn't be able to move on:

1. Knowing that one day I will wake up smiling.

2. Knowing that one day all the hard work and sacrifice have been worth it.

3. That future moment when I realize that regardless of what people tell me otherwise, I have made the right decisions in my life.

4. The belief that the person who left will no longer occupy my thoughts one day.

5. Those moments that remind me that you can find a shoulder to lean on if you look for it.

6. Refusing to live a mediocre life.

7. Knowing that one day I will find someone who truly loves me - flaws and all.

8. The days when the sun seems to shine, even though it is cloudy.

9. Those rare moments of joy that seem to last longer than usual.

10. Notice that even the baddest people have some good in there.

11. Accept that those who treat you like shit only do it because they treat themselves that way too.

12. Those moments of silence that say a lot.

13. Realize that no matter how many times we may stumble, you will always be one step closer to the person you want to be.

14. Accept that I am stronger and braver than I think.

15. Know that wounds and scars, even when they are incredibly deep, will heal if you let them.

16. Those moments when I manage to stand up and take the time to just breathe. Be in the present moment.

17. The support of my friends and family - because even if they think I'm not going to achieve everything I want to achieve, I know they will be there if I fall.

18. Those summer nights when I lie on the sand and look up at the stars, realizing that everything that worries me, I really don't.

19. Look back at everything I've been through, all the mistakes I made, all the times I've been taken advantage of, and realize that I'm still standing. I'm still fighting. I still refuse to let myself succumb.

20. The beauty and perfection that can be found even in the smallest detail of nature.

21. The belief that whatever happens, things will work out. I'll be fine.

22. The pride that I sometimes feel in not blaming myself for everything I could have done, and appreciating everything I could do.

23. Refusing to compare myself to others.

24. Accept that I am not less. I am different, and that is something precious.

25. Put aside envy when others achieve what I want to achieve, and use their achievements as fuel to move forward.

26. Be happy for others, because the truth is that you will not always be happy with yourself. But you can always find happiness for someone else.

27. Allow me to cry. Not even for any particular reason, just to remind me that sadness is not something we should fear, but rather embrace. Because it is always better to feel something, than nothing.

If you can't fly, run, if you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl. No matter what you do, keep moving forward. - Martin Luther King Jr

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“If you can't fly, run, if you can't run, walk, if you can't walk, crawl. No matter what you do, keep moving forward. ”Martin Luther King Jr

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