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3 reasons why you are not as productive as you expect

Productivity helps us get the best of ourselves, to become a better version of ourselves. If you are not productive it is due to a problem in at least one of these 3 areas.

1. Purpose

It is why. Why do you get up every morning? Why are you going to work?

We all have a reason to act. If you have trouble finding a reason, I advise you to read books and articles by productive people. It will help you see the focus that these people had in achieving their purposes.

Reading Steve Jobs helped me a lot. He had doubts and fears like everyone else, but he put them aside and moved on. It gave me perspective and a preview of what it would be like if I wanted to get similar results.

1. It gave me perspective and a preview of what it would be like if I wanted to get similar results.2. Vision

Purpose and vision are similar but not the same. Purpose is the reason you act and vision puts your senses on that purpose. You can see it? Can you feel it? Hear it? It is the spark that gives substance to your reason for acting, to your purpose.

3. Commitment

It is based on demonstrating your abilities and skills to carry out your vision. Produce comes from the Latin word I will produce which means "leader" or "give birth".

Commitment is what will "bring forth" your vision.All the productivity techniques and strategies that you will have read are collected under the umbrella of commitment. If there is no commitment, vision is useless

Definitely,Productivity = Commitment to purpose and vision.

If you are committed to your purpose and vision you will be productive, and the degree of commitment to these 2 things will determine how productive you will be.

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