Food and Cosmetic Tips for Radiant Skin

If you want to show off healthy and luminous skinIt is very important to eat a balanced diet, which will help you feel good inside and it will be reflected in your skin.

When choosing a suitable creamYou must take into account your skin type and very importantly, that it does not contain dyes, parabens, propylene glycol or dimenticone, since they are irritating compounds, which can even be absorbed through the skin causing reactions.

If you use cosmetics or hygiene products with a pH higher than 5.5, your skin may become irritated and itchy.

When you choose a photoprotectorIt is important to bear in mind that it is made with physical filters (made up of mineral substances, which act as a shield and reflect solar radiation.

Foods that take care of your skin


Always hydrated skin! Hydration is key, for the skin, not to have a dull, rough and tight appearance. You have to drink 2 L. of water a day.

Bitter chocolate

Young skin! Due to its flavonoid content, it is a powerful antioxidant. Helps slow down the aging process, improves tone and makes skin soft.


Activate your skin! Take: almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, in the morning it is great for the skin. They are a source of vitamin E, they help nourish the skin and protect us from the sun. They help reduce cellular oxidation and provide elasticity.


Invigorating! Contains zinc, improves skin cell renewal and tones the skin. It is very rich in Potassium.


Suntan! It has antioxidant properties in high concentration. Helps filter solar radiation and prevent skin damage.

Blue Fish

Fit! Tuna, anchovy, and sardines are a source of Omega 3 fatty acid, which prevents premature aging.

Olive oil

Lubricant! Its natural fatty acids and its contribution in vitamin E, protect oxidative stress (premature aging).

What a pleasure to follow these tips! So easy and so beneficial ...


Mariló Martínez
MARÁN Beauty Salon

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