Meaning of name Arturo

Arthur is a masculine name of Etruscan origin "Artorius", whose meaning is unknown; some authors establish its origin in the Celtic"Atva",its meaning is "He who is strong like a stone or like a rock"or they give it a Greek origin and define it as"He who is the guardian of the Northern Bear"

History and the Saint

Arthur, Breton king, fought against the Anglo-Saxons during the first half of the 6th century. His figure is surrounded by stories and legends, according to tradition Arthur was the son of the King of Britain Uther Pendragon. Upon becoming king, he formed the Round Table of Camelot to avoid the primacy of some over others, made up of 12 knights of his court. He fought with victory and came to face the Roman Empire in Europe, until he was called to return, as a nephew Mordred had taken over his kingdom. In the battle where he faces the traitor, both are hit by a spear, according to legend Arthur is taken to the island of Avalon to heal his wounds.

The legend of Arthur. His person has been the subject of numerous and artistic literary creations since the 6th century. The legend of King Arthur unfolds in the Middle Ages, the stories bring together Celtic mythology with some true facts in the history of the legendary King Arthur. We meet King Arthur in tales written in the 9th and 10th centuries, up to the English writer Geoffrey of Monmouth's version of 1139 where he links King Arthur to the Magician Merlin and tells the story as we have presented King Arthur above.
From there, there are numerous historical legends that have followed one another; Perhaps the most notable is that of Roberti de Boron who gives the story Christian legends that link King Arthur and his knights in the History of the Grail.

Saint Arturo is celebrated: Saint Arthur, martyr on September 1 and Saint Arthur Bell, priest and martyrs on December 1.

Arturo variant

Arturo variant Artus (Old English way of calling Arthur), it is also his Galician way.

Arthur in other languages:

  • Catalan: Artur;
  • French and English: Arthur;
  • Italian: Arthur.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Arturo:

  • Arturo Soria, was born in Madrid in 1844, an outstanding architect in contemporary urbanism, creator of the theory about "linear city", proposes a change from the city around a nucleus to a linear city.
  • Arturo Pérez-Reverte, was born in Cartagena, Spain in 1951. Novelist stands out with great popular success. Among some of his works: "The Flanders table", 1990; "You won't catch me alive", 2005.
  • Arthur Millar, was born in New York in 1915; one of the most prominent playwrights of the 20th century. Among his works: "They were all my children",1947; "Death of a vigilante", 1949.
  • Arthur Colley Wellesley, Duke of Wellington; He was born in Dublin in 1769; victorious over Napoleon I Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo.

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