Put a pet in your child's life! You will gain in health

Children who have pets are healthier and more emotionally balanced.

Most children regard their pets as a playmate and friend to turn to when feeling sad.

Dogs and other animals can help children cope with diseases such as depression, emotional disorders, and even improve the immune system.

Pets are good preventive medicine for healthy children to help avoid developing allergies, weight gain, or social problems. Pets can also teach children empathy and compassion.

Much research has shown that animals are good for children. Now we are going to explain why.

4 Benefits of having pets for the health of children.

Pets keep children from getting sick.

A study shows that 13% of children who owned a dog in their first year of life less likely to develop asthma, than children who lived in homes without dogs. This study, which used data from a Swedish registry of more than 1 million children, also found that children who were raised on farms with animals had a 50% reduction in risk of asthma at school age.

Another study of 397 Finnish babies found that, during their first year of life, those children whose parents had dogs or cats had fewer colds and ear infections, and they needed fewer antibiotic treatments than those who lived in houses without pets.

Pets improve the mood.

Is there some evidence that having a pet can make children they feel more popular And be more empathetic.

There are also studies showing that domestic animals increased the amount of time families spend togetheras well as the amount of "fun."

Pets teach responsibility.

Growing up caring for animals teaches children a lot about think about the needs of others. The role of children in caring for animals must always correspond to what is appropriate for the ages of the children.

Pets teach unconditional love.

This is the Bigger benefit of having pets.

Pets are always close to the children. Growing up can be difficult, and many times children just need to talk and be heard. For pets, children are always perfect just the way they are.

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