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9 myths about women and their sexuality

There are many myths about what men think of the "strange" world of women's sexuality, so here we are going to clarify those myths that are more than absurd, they are comical.
We start:

1. Women prefer to be monogamous

This myth is the first example that all the myths that have arisen around female sexuality are false. A 2006 survey in Germany showed that women get bored faster than men in monogamous relationships.

2. Women who have many sexual partners suffer from a disease

Well, no! Only 2% of women who have sexual encounters with more than one man suffer from organic or psychological disorders, the decision is up to each one, and the belief in this is just another myth.

3. Men need and enjoy sex more than women

Another myth created by men and society in general. Men and women enjoy the same way, and in fact, by nature, women are the ones who are more prepared to have more sex and number of partners.

4. Women practice lesbianism when frustrated by their failed relationships with men.

A study carried out in Australia gives us figures that show that it is not a matter of frustration, it is a matter of satisfaction, while women feel 69% sexually satisfied with their male partners, women who share their life and intimacy with another woman feel more satisfied, exactly the 76% of them.

5. Women do not enjoy visual stimulation

It may be that women and men do not enjoy the same types of sexual stimulation in terms of images, but this does not indicate that women cannot stimulate themselves in this way. Women tend to enjoy other types of content, but the ability to do so is the same for men and women.

6. Women take much longer to get aroused

As a lie as the time in which men and women manage to reach the climax of the relationship, what is true is that it takes more time for women to reach orgasm during a "traditional" relationship. And how long it takes is more a matter of the couple's skill.

7. Women's libido declines with age

According to Harvard University, women in their 30s and 40s are more sexually active than women in their 20s, and their orgasms are more powerful and multiple.

8. Women need to have an emotional connection for sex.

As Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright points out, women can have a one-night stand and feel just as satisfied as men.

9. The G-spot is the most sensitive part of the woman

This is not scientifically proven, although it is known that it is irrigated by many nerves and therefore more sensitive, it does not prove that it is a particularly pleasant area when it comes to intimacy.

Video: Womens Sexuality Isnt Complicated. Sarah Barmak. TEDxToronto (November 2020).