Halloween Jokes Facebook

To continue with the celebration and we have nowhere left to do it, we leave you these jokes so you can share in your Facebook.


  • A woman, tired of her husband coming home drunk every night, decides to scare him into teaching. As soon as he hears the door key turn, the wife prepares herself and as soon as the man enters, drunk as always, falls on top of him shouting "Grrrrrrrrr!" I've come to take you! The man looks calmly and replies: -It doesn't matter ... I've lived with your sister for twenty years!
  • What does it take to get from sorceress to witch? -Answer: 10 years of marriage
  • There are two zombies walking down the street, wandering, crawling, and this is what one zombie says to another, -hey, when you see a live uncle let me know, and the other zombie answers, -Buff, I think he's not going to let us mount..
  • If a family of Zombies knocks on your door, welcome?
  • A ghost asks another - And you, what were you in the lives of men? -Poet. And you? - Phantom.
  • Love is ... Buy your mother-in-law a card for her birthday. Humor is… Give it to her on Halloween !!!

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