30 ways to wear a striped sweater

Looks with Striped Sweater

For all the fashion lovers, a classic that cannot be missing in the closet is the striped jumper or sweater. As you will see in the photos, celebrities have worn it over the years and continue to do so.

James Franco knows how to best wear a striped sweater

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Gael García Bernal gives him that casual touch like nobody else

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Elegantly wears Justin Timberlake stripes

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Audrey Hepburn wore them like no other

The legend also used them and boy did they look good on him !!

James dean

What to say about Jamie Dornan, or in the dreams of many Christian Grays?

Hugo boss

A basic garment that will never go out of style

Marlon brando

Before and now, the choice of stripes is a success!

Ryan gosling

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