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10 steps prior to throwing the Tarot cards.

  • How to set up an altar
    1. First, settle in a quiet room that is quiet and allows you to relax without interruption.
    2. Wash your hands.
    3. Light a white candle and a stick of incense. If you don't want to, don't do it, but they help create atmosphere, focus and relax.
  • Tarot decks
    1. Spread out a felt mat, purple or lilac, which is the color of transgression, of transformation, to cast the cards. Cards always move better on a felt mat than on glass or wood. In addition, the cards remain where you leave them. Instead, on wood or glass, they slide and move.
    2. Write down the question you need to ask on a sheet of paper.
    3. Shuffle and cut the cards thinking about the question or saying it out loud. Important: focus well on the question.
    4. Reformulate the question and choose the number of cards that you need according to the spread, that you are going to make or that the tarot reader asks you for.
    5. Cut the cards with your right hand and spread the pile of cards in front of you from right to left. The cards are always reversed, so that the consultant does not see which card he chooses.
    6. If you are throwing the cards at someone, you shuffle and the client cuts. You take the deck and spread the cards in front of the querent and ask him to draw the number of cards that you need, to make the roll you have chosen. The consultant gives them to you one by one upside down and you place them in their corresponding position according to the chosen roll. Then he turns them around and interprets them.
  1. The cards always look at the tarot reader, because it is the tarot reader who interprets them.
  2. Leave the rest of the deck extended, as it is, because you will need more cards and you will be asking for them from the consultant, to outline the interpretation. Rest assured, you will have to ask them, because with only one letter per position, it cannot be interpreted correctly. At least 3 or 4 cards per position.
  3. Place them according to the order and position, which I will indicate in each print run and discover them as you interpret them. In the following lessons we will see the order, position and way of interpreting the cards according to the type of spread.
  4. There is no single way to throw the cards. Each roll will serve a specific type of search, which we want to propose and solve.
  5. Continue with this course and you will discover how to make all the runs and when it is more appropriate to use one or the other.

Throughout this course we will fundamentally see many types of spins, which will increase in difficulty as they advance through the index. Everything is important, I recommend that you do it completely, so as not to miss any important detail when it comes to getting everything right and interpreting correctly.

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