Traveling in Spain in summer

Traveling through Spain in summer can be an odyssey. In some places the tourist overcrowding reaches limits that are not very acceptable, in others the heat exceeds the temperature that the body can digest. Even so, millions of tourists are encouraged to travel to Spain in summer. Here is our advice.


Tips for traveling in Spain during the summer

  1. Run away from the heat. Spain is geographically very diverse and it is possible to enjoy large areas of its territory without suffering extreme heat: Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, the Basque Country, the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees ... They are complemented by numerous natural and high areas (not necessarily mountain) where the hot extremes only occur at certain times of the day to drop to delicious temperatures at night.
  2. Travel in air-conditioned vehicles. If you have to travel through some areas of Las Castillas, Andalucia, Levante, etc. Thoroughly check the air conditioning of your car, stop frequently, refuel fluids, water, do not give up some sunscreen ... Without exaggeration, if you are not sufficiently prepared, some days of strong heat can be anything but a pleasure.
  3. Take care of the diet. In summer, do not abuse large meals or foods that can deteriorate in the heat. Gazpacho, vegetables, summer fruits / watermelons, melons ... are ideal to face the heat.
  4. Beaches and sea. Enjoying the sea in Spain during the summer is an antidote to the heat. Try to avoid the most popular beaches on Saturdays and Sundays, in case a massive overcrowding bothers you. There are alternate hours (sunset or early morning).
  5. Book with atelation. Book restaurants, hotels, flights, shows… all in advance. The large influx of national and international tourists can cause you not to access what you want to find everything in full.
  6. Plan your trip and visits in advance, you will be able to find better prices in some cases and you will avoid running out of what you want.

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