Florentino Pérez's Real Madrid

Which is more difficult, running a great company or a great soccer team? The management of Florentino Pérez at Real Madrid may one day be studied in the company's management manuals and aspects that football fans find difficult to understand in the logic of pure football will be discovered.

The motivation and performance of soccer teams has parallels with the performance motivation of corporate teams. What has a notable Spanish businessman done to the best soccer team in the entire history of Spain and Europe?

Florentino Pérez's Real Madrid: dying of success

The fact is that the Real Madrid of a few years ago, when Florentino began his career as President back in 2000, the team was overwhelming. It was the time of Madrid from the quarry, of house coaches like Del Bosque, of an exemplary hobby. That Madrid was capable of winning two Leagues, a ‘Champions’, two Spanish Super Cups, a European Super Cup and an Intercontinental Cup. He was a worthy continuation of the glorious tradition of the best Spanish and European soccer.

But Florentino Pérez insisted on giving Real Madrid the glamor of the galacticos and the pink press: Figo, Ronaldo and Beckham… These last two gave more play off the field than on. He forgot that a team is more than eleven figures put together. Not even a man of the house like Camacho could put such a figure, so much galactic, in the path. On the field there were plenty of stars and there were plenty of stars and the courage and passion of Ronaldinho, Etó, etc. A team was missing and missing.

Even a Barcelona raised from the ashes had time to go to Olympus and swallow and ridicule Florentino's galactics. But so did Zaragoza or any team that jumped with the desire to play on the field.

Goodbye Florentino, Hello Real Madrid

The recent history of Real Madrid will have something to talk about. With the disappearance of Florentino perhaps the best team in Europe will return, the spirit of Real Madrid that fans long for. Hopefully they can say again: Hello Real Madrid, Ala Madrid!

It may be easier to run a construction company than a soccer team. Although when the market pulls up any entrepreneur does well in the first division ...

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