Phrases of Love and Forgetfulness

Senora, you are young enough to live a life of hell, children do not bind anyone in life and many…. !!!!!! They mistakenly think so, at the first opportunity k He gives it to you, grasp the strength enough, face it and make decisions, K He leaves home, or you take your children and GO FORWARD in search of a better future p 'Your children, in some way be their Parents or someone in the Family, could support you, and if in the future Love smiles at you again, give yourself a new opportunity but already with the experience, first you have to treat it enough, respect it and have many things in common, also have pants !!! ... p 'assume responsibility for a home with your children, otherwise continue life without enduring emotional or psychological abuse, falling into the role of victim of life When you must learn to know how to value yourself, tie your skirts and smile at life, God put us in this world is to be or try to be happy and not take on the thankless task of doing or falling down playing the role of a sufferer, I wish you good fortune and if you have to report it report him and make him comply with his legal responsibilities…. Amen 😀

Video: Kapil u0026 Sumona Forget Their Lines - Jodi Kamaal Ki (November 2020).