Phrases of Love and Forgetfulness

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  1. Anonymous8 years ago

    You will never forget a person who made you smile but you also have to understand that you should let her go because she is not happy with you anymore

  2. mack8 years ago

    beautiful phrases that put true love can not be measured or limited only offered to the person you love

  3. today I dared to tell him that I still remember him and that my feelings have not diminished. for a moment I hesitated to tell him that but I told myself that because being a coward you have to let what you want to say flow since they are feelings that suffocate so much that they are repressed.

  4. bireck8 years ago

    Sometimes I would like to tell him again that I love and fear him because since I don't listen to him I don't know what he feels for me.
    Love is the feeling that makes us most vulnerable and many times we realize that they are mistreating us and we ignore that in our lives, we are not able to say no more simply because of the feeling that grew towards that person, eye, but in this life everything happens, we cannot live our whole life giving love and receiving contempt, it is fair to give and receive the same

  5. Anonymous8 years ago

    ps ami already broke my heart and left me with something inside a child I do not know if to forget him, I do not know if I love him more, I only know that I love him so much more than my own life

  6. Love is not an obligation, not a commitment or a debt. Love is not what we hear in music or we see in film.
    I LOVED A PEOPLE SO MUCH THAT TODAY I CAN SAY THAT I ONLY LOVE ONCE ONCE AND THAT TRUE LOVE IS WHAT I MOST QEU TO SAY I LOVE YOU IS TO LEAVE HIM FREE. My only and true love I carry it night and day and without regrets, just showering it with the beautiful moments and hoping that it will return but with my feet placed on the ground. this is true love. he who waits for everything, supports everything ...

  7. Anonymous8 years ago

    Love is beautiful uniko ay joys and sorrows and love will always exist noce akaba, but we end up with it.
    Well goodbye hurts but you learn either for better or for worse, but be it, you have to see the positive side of life, you decide which way to take, but HEY ** TO CRY IF THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING XQ TO SMILE **

  8. Anonymous8 years ago

    Sometimes we are so wrong with people that every time you remember that they have failed you it hurts, but it hurts more to be so weak and always fall into the same thing, hoping that things will change even knowing well that something like this will never happen, People are the way they are and it is difficult to make them change their minds because they simply are who they are and have no intention of changing, remembering that what happens once always happens once more ... Sometimes forgiveness is our weakness ... 777

  9. Anonymous8 years ago

    Ami They broke my heart by being unfaithful ... the truth is K passed me a thousand and one noXes Crying for that Cabron ... even if it costs me to admit it ... When I finally managed to forget about him (or so I thought) he started dating one of my best friends ... And ... I don't know why, every time Ke saw them together, I wanted to be alone ... Crying Like Nobody Has Ever Cried ... I don't know what happens to me ... I have K Pretend I'm a friend of That GilipoLLas For My Friend ... Maybe I Cheated Myself by believing Ke Havia Forgotten ... And the best of all It goes to the same class K I .. I see it every day .. So it is impossible to forget someone !!

  10. Anonymous8 years ago

    love is the most beautiful feeling we can feel. …! since it is with him that we express everything we feel. .. I always say you have to give everything for everything to the people we love. It does not matter that the people who love us pay us badly. since one day they will realize how much we loved him and when that day arrives it will be late, because we will already be loving another person as we loved them. .!

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