What is Karma?

Karma is the cosmic balance. It is the universal law of cause-effect, it is the justice of universal laws.It is a word widely used in our lives, but do you know how it works? So easy, but so complex at the same time.

Past Lives

What is Karma?

The Karma it is a universal law of cause / effect. Explained in an easy way, it would be that we are all born with a Karma or a burden from other lives, which affects us in our current life. If we did evil, in this life we ​​come with the consequences of that evil that we did, to suffer it in our own flesh and thus purge it. Cause effect.

You will ask yourselves: If I have been very bad in our previous life, in this one will everything go very badly? Well, make no mistake that it will. If you cheated on your wife with other women and made her suffer, there is no doubt that in this life they will be unfaithful to you and you will suffer the same.

Tree of Life

The solution: if you are able to face it and overcome it quickly, it will be better for you, because you will be able to pay off your debt and live in peace. If you have a weak character and you are jealous, you can have a very bad time throughout your life. The important thing is to be aware of what it is exactly and to face it cleanly, positively. DO NOT resist or take revenge.

If in another life, you were very stingy and made your family starve, in this life it will come back to you. If in another life, you murdered or tortured people, I don't want to tell you ...

But you don't have to commit such horrible acts. If we talk about envy, manipulation, criticism, making things go wrong ... Only with this, we can do much more around us and prepare a Bad and harsh future karma too.

The Tree of Life

What is to be good or to be bad?

Being bad is being a murderer, abuser or simply other peccadilloes that seem more benevolent, but in reality they can embitter and complicate people's lives a lot such as: envy, resentment, manipulation, jealousy, stinginess, violence, hatred, revenge, wishing evil ... As you can see it would be anything that hurts others in some way.

Being good is help others, love them, care about them, be kind, be generous, wish well, know how to listen and advise, teach so that they can do better ... Connect your friends, who do not know each other, so that they do business, apart from you, that is to be good. As you can see, being good is doing things that do not harm anyone, if not on the contrary, they help and improve their lives.

Move energies for better or for worse

Negative energies that you generate around you, will turn against you and everything you do in this life of evil, rest assured that it will come back to you. If your envy makes you criticize others, so that they do not achieve their ends, you are generating a negative energy field for yourself and that will prevent you from advancing as well.

The wheel of life

When one send a message to the Universe, everything moves because we have asked and wanted it to do so. "Roll the dice ...". This expression is valid for two things, since in some way when we formulate a sentence, we do an action, we are launching the energies to the Universe so that it transforms and changes something:

  1. If we start looking for work, for example, we are moving our energies to end up finding a job. If we do nothing, it is more difficult for it to arrive.
  2. If we start to say things, it is dangerous, because in some way we are sending messages to the Universe, which will come back to us and can be positive or negative, depending on what you have said.

Om symbol

Have you ever heard: "It is a wealth obtained dirty?" If not? For it is said that all the wealth obtained dirty in the 2nd or 3rd generation goes to the water, it is lost.

What not to do

Never have to say: "What bad luck", "I have a very bad Karma", "This will go wrong ...", "I will never sell this house", "I will not pass this course", "They will not call me for this job", "I'm not going to get any credit", "So and so, he's never going to fall in love with me" ... Because we are launching negative ideas and generating that it be so.

You always have to speak positive and launch positive ideas and say things like: "He will look at me and he will fall at my feet", "Surely they liked me and they call me quickly to work", "I will find the house I want", "Sure that they put an offer and I will be able to travel to Paris "...

You always have to do good, be positive and generous, to carve out our future with an easy and positive Karma. By being good, we are predestining another positive and happy future life.

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