What is the best position for a baby to sleep

Are there any positions to avoid?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children sleep on their backs, as this is the safest position.

Putting a baby to sleep on their back decreases the chance of Syndrome of sudden infant death (SMSL), which is responsible for the most infant deaths in the first year life of a child.

Don't put the baby on his tummy!

Even though the causes are not clear, it seems that babies who sleep on their stomachs receive less oxygen or remove less carbon dioxide. It also appears that there could be a structural cause and that babies who have died from sudden death syndrome have zless developed areas of the brain.

Since it is impossible to identify babies who are at higher risk suffering from sudden death syndrome, and with the studies that show the strong relationship between sleeping on the stomach and sudden infant death, it is important that all babies be placed face up to sleep.

The recommendation to put the baby on his back applies to babies during the first year of life, especially during the first six months, when the incidence of sudden death syndrome is the highest.

Some recommendations to reduce the risk of sudden infant death.

  • Avoid placing the baby on soft and porous surfaces such as pillows, bedspreads or duvets, as these can block the airways.
  • Prevent the baby from sleeping on very soft surfaces like a sofa or a soft mattress.
  • Keep all stuffed animals out of the crib.
  • Keep a comfortable temperature in the room where the baby sleeps.
  • Put comfortable sleepwear, preferably in one piece.
  • He pacifier use they can help reduce the risk of sudden death syndrome.

Despite the importance of the baby sleeping on his back, the child should also spend some time on your stomach, when is awakeas this will help you build your shoulder muscles and control your head. In addition, it will also prevent the appearance of flat parts on the back of the head (plagiocephaly).

Do you put your baby in this position?

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