Your partner deserves to hallucinate on Valentine's Day, get it with these 5 tips!

When you are in love and want to make your partner happy, everything is little. For those of you who really want to impress your love… I'm going to give you 5 shocking tips, so that you make them madly happy…. And make it hallucinate in colors !!!


Wake him up at 8 a.m. and take him for breakfast at the best coffee shop in town.

  1. Challenge him to run for 1 hour and then challenge him to a game of padel or giym tomorrow.
  2. In the afternoon: 2 tickets to a basketball game.
  3. Dinner in the most innovative restaurant, haute cuisine. You will appreciate it!
  4. Give him an Iphone 6 Plus S or a Samsung 6. He will freak out with colors and will reward you ...


  1. Let him sleep and wake him up in bed with a breakfast of churros and chocolate, fruit, cold cuts and coffee with milk.
  2. to the garage in search of his gift: a car wrapped with a bow.
  3. Ride with the car to release it along the coast.
  4. Lunch or dinner (to choose) in a super romantic restaurant, a classic.


  1. Wake him up at 7:00 a.m. with breakfast in bed.
  2. Tell him: Hurry to pack your suitcase, we catch a plane at 10:00 a.m.
  3. Romantic walk in Rome.
  4. Romantic hotel The Saint Regis Rome, with romantic restaurant: Il Tamburello di Pulcinella.
  5. As a gift: some flowers, a perfume, a hat, a scarf, a leather jacket… You will be amazed!
  1. Let him sleep… Have some flowers and a delicious breakfast in bed.
  2. Get her on a plane and take her to NY.
  3. Staying at the Trump Soho NY hotel, you will love that.
  4. Dinner at Masa or Al Per Se restaurant, are located on the 3rd floor of the Time Warner.
  5. As a gift a "jewel" in capital letters.
  1. Coffee in bed. Pack the suitcase we're leaving. Where? Answer: to a city.
  2. To Paris, with everything organized. Hotel WO Wilson Opera by Elegance.
  3. Walking around the city and doing some shopping ...
  4. Romantic dinner in the best restaurant: L’Epicure.
  5. Gift: flowers, with a card: "Voucher for a cruise to choose“.

  1. Wake him up early and while you have breakfast ...
  2. Give your gift: Voucher for two tickets to the London Opera. You are going to hallucinate!
  3. Travel, romantic hotel overlooking St. James Park.
  4. Opera night, his favorite work, with his favorite divos.
  5. Dinner at the Seven Park Place. Excellent!
  • Breakfast in bed with some flowers.
  • Gift: a card with an unlimited balance ...
  • Eat with her frugally, to see where expenses are going ...
  • Surprise: a dinner the best restaurant in town premiering one of the dresses that will have been bought. Horcher style, Ramses, Club Allard ...
  • Back home with a special evening ...


  1. Challenge a morning of Gym and compete with him. He loves that you provoke him,
  2. Take her to lunch at a deli.
  3. Go shopping and buy him something he likes: a ?????
  4. Surprise him with 2 tickets to a basketball game
  5. Take him to dinner at DiverXO restaurant (the most innovative restaurant in your city).


  1. Affectionate breakfast ...
  2. Give him an exotic trip. Something like going to the desert, on a safari ... some adventure. You will go crazy!
  3. As it cannot be that day, you can take him to spend the day in the field or in the mountains.
  4. A good barbecue, an excellent red wine, his guitar… and a pleasant conversation.
  5. At night he will dream of the adventure trip that you have given him.


  1. Wake him up at 8:00 so that he wakes up little by little ...
  2. Give him the gift: 2 tickets to the Opera House, to see classical ballet.
  3. Travel in bird... Daily newspaper in hand ...
  4. Palace Hotel. Let it settle quietly.
  5. After the opera take her / him to the Club Allard restaurant. It is a classic that will hallucinate you ...
  • She gets up very early and you have to have the breakfast table ready and surprise her.
  • Loves the flowers, the candles and the computers, the mobilesThere you have the gift.
  • Family day, a bit of exercise, home atmosphere ...
  • Surprise him with an elegant dinner, so you have to fix it.
  • But at night, take her out to dinner DiverXO or Sant Celoni or Sergi Arola Gastro


  1. Breakfast "with a surprise in bed" and some flowers.
  2. Give your gift: "Good for a full day in a good Spa." Everything can be done.
  3. In the evening, a romantic dinner at a classic in the city, something like Horcher, Ramses, Club Allard, Sergi Arola Gastro ...
  4. A restaurant so that you have to dress up and look pretty… You will love it!

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