One day in Oviedo

Whenever I go to Asturias I usually dedicate a day to visit Oviedo. A taxi took us to the highest part, where the Church of San Miguel de Lillo is located. It was enveloped by a mist under which the brown color of its stones melted with the green of the prairie where it sits. We only saw it from the outside, as visiting the interior is complicated by the restricted number of people who can access it at the same time and by the difficulty of obtaining an access ticket. Afterwards, we walked to Santa María del Naranco, located about 100 meters below, where there were, as always, a large number of tourists around him waiting to visit. After a while After contemplating such a beautiful jewel of Asturian pre-Romanesque, we continue walking along a leafy path that leads to the car park enabled for visitors' vehicles, but which is located well below where the monuments are. Afterwards, a pleasant walk up the hillside and through the downhill streets took us to the train, already very close to the city center.
The cathedral is a must in Oviedo. Its Holy Chamber, of pre-Romanesque origin, houses the two great Asturian treasures, the Cross of the Angels and the Box of the Agates, without ignoring the Victory Cross and the Holy Ark. There is always a queue of tourists to enter the Chamber. This year we did not enter the cathedral. It was more interesting to see the small queue that had formed around the sculpture representing La Regenta, located in the square, to be able to take a photo with the facade and the cathedral tower in the background. Besides, it was late and we had to eat.
For the Around the cathedral there are plenty of cider houses and restaurants. We entered Faro Vidio, a restaurant located between the cathedral and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, a must-see. It is famous for its seafood and is a bit expensive, but it offers a daily menu for € 16 which is very good. That day consisted of an abundant and rich bean stew which was not It lacked any ingredient, some extraordinary hake cocochas and a delicious homemade dessert. On Sundays they offer a more sophisticated menu increasing the price by a few euros.
After the Comer, a walk through the old quarter was very good for us to digest, but yes, visiting the Plaza del Fontán, located a little beyond the City Hall where, in addition to the Market with its good restaurant, there are several cider houses where eat and have tapas. We bought Gamoneu cheese at one of the few Market stalls that was open after the The lady who attended it assured us, when we were in doubt, that it was one of the first cheeses that had already shepherds of the Picos de Europa. We then started to retreat to the La Escandalera car park, passing by the Rialto Confectionery to take a good assortment of muscovites, almond-based pastries, cream and chocolate, and carballones, a typical Asturian cake whose main ingredient is also almonds. Both sweets are delicious.

Video: A Day of Serene Beauty. Oviedo Asturias, Spain (November 2020).