Welcome to my way of seeing life

In recent months with series such as "The time between seams" or "Velvet" people seem to have joined the boom in amateur clothing. An important fact in this regard is that has seen its sewing machine sales increase by 135% since the first of the series began.

Two years ago, after a 4-year career behind my back, I realized that I wanted to train and know all the things in the world of sewing. And I started to learn, to make patterns, to draw, to do French seams and fly leg for the finishes.

Well, in this space I will talk about tailoring, basic clothing arrangements, very useful tricks and I will also introduce you to the world of custom and industrial pattern making.

I will show you, with my own experience, how to carry out a small collection. From the initial sketches to the last stitch before entering the catwalk.

There is also a space for design, I will show you some of my designs and tricks to draw (or learn to do it)

Welcome to my world!


Video: Become The Master of Your Life. Bob Proctor (November 2020).