Vegetables that when cooked have more nutrients

Boiled, steamed, or microwaved are ways of cooking that could unlock more nutrients

You may think that the best way to eat vegetables is to eat them raw, but it may surprise you to learn that this is not always the case.

Some vegetables contain more nutrients when cooked.

Do you want to know them?

Better to cook them first

  • Carrots

It would be best not to cut them before cooking.

Yes cook carrots whole before cutting you will get increase its anti-cancer properties up to 25%. Cooking them is also achieved increase carotenoid levels.

  • Tomatoes

When you cook the tomatoes they are achievedbreak cell walls, and so I know release more nutrients such as lycopene, which has been shown to help protect against prostate cancer and the heart diseases.

A German study found that people who followed a raw food diet had lower levels of plasma lycopene.

  • Cabbage

Yes kitchens, the amount of antioxidants it provides is higher than when you eat it raw.

Thebest ways to cook it is by boiling or steamingThis way, its nutrients are better preserved.

  • Asparagus

Like cabbage, asparagus preserve more antioxidants when cooked. The best way to cook them is to oven and in the microwave oven.

  • Mushrooms

If the kitchens are achievedbreak cell walls which are very thick, and it releases more amount of nutrients.

Better to eat them raw

  • Broccoli

Avoid cooking it for a long time because an important enzyme in broccoli is altered, thusreduce your anticancer potential.

If you want to cook it, it would be better to do it with the microwave. It is faster.

  • Onions

When cooking them remove antioxidant substances what are onions and what fight cancer.

  • Peppers

Cook them reduces its vitamin C content.

  • Watercress

Like broccoli, the properties of watercress are altered when cooked. The it is better to eat them raw to ensure a good dose of vitamin C, calcium and magnesium.

  • Garlic

When cooking it blocks the action of allicin, a substance that protects against cancer and heart disease.

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