Regular sex can increase your chances of pregnancy

Did you know that sex causes changes in the immune system that promote pregnancy?

It has always been said that if a woman is trying to get pregnant, it is best to have sexual intercourse near ovulation. But now, new research suggests that having sex in any moment of the cycle of a woman provokes changes in your immune system than increase the chance of conception.

Howsex outside the fertile window can also improve fertility?

Data from the menstrual cycles of 30 healthy women were used for the study, half of them sexually active and half not.

Sexually active women show changes in their immune system that increase their fertility.

The results showed differences in immunoglobulin levels (antibodies) and in those of T lymphocytes between the two groups of women. Both T lymphocytes and immunoglobulins. they are part of the body's active defense against external threats.

The immune systems of sexually active women prepare in advance of the possibility of pregnancy.

Research results show that sexually active, non-pregnant women had significantly higher levels of type 2 lymphocytes during the luteal phase the menstrual cycle (which is when the lining of the uterus thickens in anticipation of a possible pregnancy). They also found that sexually active women had higher levels of type 1 lymphocytes during the follicular phase of its cycle, when the follicles of the ovaries are maturing.

Sexually active women show similar changes in immunoglobulin levels. Sexually active women had higher levels of immunoglobulin G during the luteal phase and higher levels of immunoglobulin A during the follicular phase.

None of these changes in the immune system were found in the group of sexually inactive women.

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