How do I know if my child has lice?

How to recognize if my child has lice and nits

Continuous head scratching is usually the first sign that can make us suspect that a child has lice.

How do you know if a child has lice?

The main reason that you may suspect the presence of lice is the itchiness. The itching is due to lice feeding 6 times a day, and the saliva they inject is irritating.

The easiest time for inspection is after the child's head is washed, as hair is more manageable and lice move worse on wet hair.

  • Wear a pair of disposable gloves.
  • Put a white towel on the child's shoulders and sit him in a place with a lot of light.
  • Part your hair into small sections.
  • Explore the entire head methodically. Start at the base of the neck, behind the ears, and then along the front, and at the crown.

How are lice spread?

Lice are spread by head to head contact, and they can also be passed on by sharing sheets, hats, brushes, and other hair accessories.

They cannot fly or jump, but they can move quickly through the hair.

Their presence is not related to dirt or poor hygiene habits, but quite the opposite, they prefer clean hair to hold on better, reach the scalp earlier and start feeding.

Although children can get head lice at any time of the year, outbreaks of head lice are very typical during Summer Vacation.

Adult lice avoid light, which is why they are most often found in the nape area and behind the ears.

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