The Irons They have their lofts or heads made of forged steel and sometimes with chrome.

The club you choose is very important for the result you want to achieve. The club number is chosen depending on the distance to be reached. Irons go from 1 to 9. On 1, 2, 3 and 4, almost nobody uses them because they are very difficult to use. Iron 5 is a long-distance iron, about 150 mt. With the 6,7,8 irons you can make intermediate hits of 140 meters, 130 meters, 120 meters. The 9 iron is short and can throw the ball 100 or 110 meters.

There are several types of irons: a total of 9 irons, numbered from 1 to 9, which have a range of 180 to 100 meters. in length respectively. Also, there are the Approchar: the Pitching Wedge, Lob Wedge, Gap Wedge, Putter, Sand Wedge.

Video: NAIL YOUR SET UP WITH THE IRONS! (January 2021).