Ana Ogregón's horoscope: imagination and charm

Ana Obregon, whose full name isAna Victoria García Obregón is a Spanish film and television dancer, presenter and actress. It is Degree in Biological Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, but she has been dedicated to cinema since she was young. He ended up setting up his own production company.
Howpresenter:What do we bet? (contest with Ramón García), How Pedro by his house (with Pedro Ruíz), Start with the First in 1996. In 2012 he presented the Drag Queen Carnivals from Gran Canarias, Interview on demand for TVE in 2012. He has presented countless programs of all kinds: OTI, GOYA, galas, specials ...
At the cinema: Goodbye againin 1980, Bolero(with Bo Derek), Three Women of Today, The Happy Lifein 1987, Sinatra, The Great Seraph, Police, Heat and Jealousy, The Look of the Otherin 1998, Torrente IV: Lethal Crisis in 2011…
In TV: The Rogues, Golden RingsTeam A in 1985 (in the US)Hostal Royal Manzanares, Vendetta, Ala ... DinaAt 11 at home,Ana and the 7, They and the weaker sexin 2006, Seduction Schools, Agent 007Look who is dancing! in 2006, for Save me de luxe intervened in the Deluxe Box, Beyond life…
Books: This is me ... (Planet)
Awards:Gold and Silver Microphone by Ana y los 7, Kapital Theater Award to an artistic career in 2013 ...

Date of birth ofAna Obregon: 03/18/1955 in Madrid, Spain

Zodiac sign ofAna Obregon: Pisces

The horoscope ofAna Obregon It is Pisces.Ana Obregon He was born in Madrid into a family of the upper bourgeoisie. She is the daughter of Ana Obregón and Antonio García, a Madrid builder who owns Jotsa. They are 4 brothers and their family life has been stable and ideal. As a child she was a very dreamy and fun girl. In her house they called her Antoñita the Fantastic. At the age of 12 she had a serious illness, which kept her in bed for a long time feeding her fantasies. He studied Biology, did 3 years of Pharmacy, always did classical Ballet (Senra School of Madrid, Alvin Ailey American Dance), 5 years of Piano and studied Dramatic Art. When she finished studying she went to London to work as a Model. From there he went to live in New York, to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Academy, at The Loft Peggy Fleury! Los Angeles, Stella Adler LA.

His beginnings in the cinema took place from 1977 and he worked under the orders of the best directors of the moment. In the US he tried to break into the North American film industry and after making some small forays into the series Team A and the movie Bolero, together with Bo Derek, he returned to Spain. Upon her return, she continued working in the cinema, but was tempted by television, where she had great success as a presenter and collaborator on several programs. He made more than 50 presentations and about 50 performances in movies and series. It acquired great popularity and sympathy and attracted a large audience. If something can be said about Ana Obregón, it is that she does not stop. She is very hard-working and enterprising. He puts a lot of enthusiasm in everything he does.

Pisces empathize very well with people and they like them very well. Ana or Anita as many call her, is very happy and funny. He loves to interact with others and maintains a good friendship with all people. Those who have worked with her say: she's lovely. Pisces are very creative, imaginative and have a great sensitivity for the arts. Apart from doing ballet and piano, as an adult and after her success, she decided that acting was not enough, so she started writing scripts, created a couple of series and set up her own production company. If we look at her trajectory, her evolution can be clearly seen, because Ana, as a Pisces, likes to try new things and see herself in all registers. It is clear that he knows how to convey feelings. He has shown it. He loves the show. Its great sensitivity is perceived with a simple glance.

Ana Obregón as a person is very sure of herself, very responsible, intuitive and is guided more by intuition, than by reason. It has a great capacity for adaptation, which allows you to consider any project, without thinking twice andmove freely. For her there is no effort to go to live abroad, because she speaks 4 languages ​​and relates easily. Ana is inspired by people, to create her characters, without any problem. Only on a personal level does he allow himself to be advised by professionals, who deserve his respect and complete trust. She is always very well informed of everything, any news and at the forefront. He loves to tweet.

Pisces love social life and Ana too. She is communicative and likes to help people. It is generous. He cannot bear to see how others suffer. He is moved and stirred to help them. Pisces are self-sacrificing, it costs them less to make an effort for others than for themselves. Ana he has a great capacity for sacrifice and is very responsible. He has never forgotten his responsibilities for making his life. He has always put his family life before his own. That is why it is possible that he continues without a stable partner, due to his difficulty in harmonizing his feelings.

As for his private life, he doesn't mind showing it to the public. She has never been married, but has had several romantic relationships:Miguel Bosé, Alberto de Mónaco, Fernando Martín, Alessandro Lequio, Constantino Vitagliano, Davor Súker, Miky Molina, Darek, Raúl Olivo, Sergio Munguira ... She had a relationship with Alessandro Lequio for 5 years and with him she had her only son, Alex in 1991. Ana Obregón does not support machismo and is very independent. It is clear that she prefers to be alone, than in bad company. She can't stand being overwhelmed. She is very homey and loves her family. But there is no doubt that he perfectly combines his social life (which is a lot) with his family life. Her home has to be a haven of peace, where she fine-tunes her mental, emotional and spiritual balance. Pisces highly value the spiritual and mental connection, which they maintain with their partner. Sex is secondary, without the first, it does not make sense. They are also very passionate, but if things don't work out, they know how to get over it and move on to another topic quickly.To know more about Pisces see:Pisces characteristics.

Compatibility ofAna Obregon with other signs:Ana Obregon how Pisces iscompatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and with the same sign, great. Pisces carryregular with: Libra, Gemini people. On the other handAna Obregon would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Aries, Libra, Aquarius.
For more information see:Pisces compatibility with the signs

Other details of interest aboutAna Obregon and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card ofAna Obregon would be POPE, respect and obedience to power and God, to the established order ... (See:Letter from the Pope)
  • The number ofAna Obregon is he5 it is traveling spirit, action, freedom ... See: Meaning ofnumber 5, Numerology)
  • The Chinese horoscope ofAna Obregon it isTHE GOAT They are soft, docile, artistic gifts ... (See: Meaning ofTHE GOAT of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofAna Obregon is hepurple, gray, white and blue.
  • The Element ofAna Obregon it is:Water.
  • The planetAna Obregon it is:Neptune.
  • The stone ofAna Obregon it isAmethyst, Topaz, Chrysolite.
  • The Twitter ofAna Obregon is: @anitaobregon

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