How to avoid Moctezuma's Revenge

Tips for traveling to Mexico

Moctezuma's Revenge refers to a series of gastrointestinal problems that affect foreigners visiting Mexico, unaccustomed to some very strong components of rich and excellent Mexican food. In addition, some bacteria in the water complicate a picture that is repeated in tourists and visitors very frequently.

Avoid gastrointestinal problems and disorders

  • Do not drink tap water. It is highly recommended to buy bottled mineral water. You will do well if you also use bottled mineral water to brush your teeth. Also remember to keep your mouth closed while showering.

  • Eat in establishments that are guaranteed. Avoid eating food sold on the street.

  • Skip your salad and swap it for cooked or cooked vegetables.

  • Go for fruits that can be peeled and preferably peel yourself.

  • Make sure the meat you are going to eat is well cooked.

  • Wash your hands before eating, and if this is not possible use some kind of hand hygiene.

If you want to avoid gastrointestinal problems and disorders at all costs, you will have to follow these recommendations quite strictly. However, our advice is not to become obsessed with the subject to the point of not enjoying the trip. Mexico is a great country that is worth seeing and enjoying without many reservations ... In any case, it is highly advisable to carry the fortasec -some kind of medicine to treat diarrhea.

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