Healthy tips for celebrating Halloween with kids

Trick or Treating! Halloween is near and you are sure that you are already preparing the perfect costume for your children.

Try these tips to make your Halloween party fun, safe, and healthy for your whole family.

Halloween is a fun day for kids, where they dress up and eat delicious treats. But on this day of celebration we must not forget the importance of healthy eating, leading an active life and the safety of the little ones.

Here are some tips to make Halloween the most fun and safe party for children.

Watch out for some accessories for the costume! Swords, knives, and other costume accessories should be short, smooth, and flexible.

Do a makeup test on a small area first to avoid possible allergic reactions.

Remove all makeup before bed to avoid possible skin and eye irritation.

Avoid having children fetch candy alone. It is important to go in groups or with a trusted adult, and to avoid entering strange houses.

Add reflective tape to costume or treat bag so drivers can see them if they are walking down the street looking for the treats. You can also wear a Lantern to see and be seen by drivers.

Examine the candy to avoid the risk of suffocation. It is best to eat only factory wrapped treats and avoid eating homemade treats made by strangers.

Limit the amount of candy that the child eats. A good idea would be for your child to eat dinner before leaving home to prevent children from eating too much candy.

Wear well-fitting masks, suits, and shoes to prevent the child from being able to see well or from tripping and falling.

You should never walk with burning candles or flames.

Do you have any more tips you want to share?

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