New report on the global market for metal oxide nanoparticles

Research and Markets has announced the addition ofreport “The Global Market for Metal Oxide Nanoparticles to2020 ”to your offer.

Nanoparticles of metal oxides have novel
electronic, optical, magnetic, chemical properties
catalytic and mechanical, from a high surface ratio -
volume to the effect of quantum size. Nanomaterials are
using in a number of technologies and industries of high
technology due to its fabulous magnetic, optical,
catalytic and electronic, which are highly dependent on your
size, structure and shape. Market estimates
preservatives for metal oxide nanoparticles in the
2012 are 270,041 tons, reaching 1,663,168 tons in the

The content of the report includes:

  • Production volumes of
    Metal oxide nanoparticles, in tons, by 2020; the
    conservative estimate and optimistic.

  • Consumption of nanoparticles
    metal oxides by sector.

  • The applications of
    nanoparticles of metal oxides.

  • The price per kilogram, the price
    per ton and the estimated total nanoparticle production
    of metal oxides.

  • Production volumes of
    nanoparticles of metal oxides, in tons; the estimate
    conservative and optimistic.

  • Company profiles
    nanoparticles of metal oxides.

  • Demand by sector and applications.


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