Congress on bending speed

How to achieve a curvature propulsion system to travel at a speed greater than that of light will be studied

Next Thursday, the British Interplanetary Society will bring together physicists from different backgrounds in a conference entitled "Faster than Light: Breaking the Interstellar Distance Barrier". According to one of the organizers, Kelvin Long: “The main objective is to improve the knowledge about this dark field of research between the theory of general relativity and that of the quantum field and to attract new researchers, especially young people, to work on the problems technical ”.

Although the subject is in the domain of exotic physics, Long points out that previously controversial ideas often find their way to become established. “Historically, black holes and wormholes were not taken seriously. Now, dozens of papers are published each year on those topics. The theory of the curvature field should receive similar attention, if we want to evaluate its potential realistically, "he added.

The theory behind bending speed travel is to fold the structure of space and time into a small region around the spacecraft creating an antigravitational field. This causes the space behind the curvature bubble to expand away from the vehicle, while the space at the front contracts like a black hole, theoretically allowing the spacecraft to travel enormous distances at speeds greater than that of light.

One of the fundamental principles of Einstein's theory of special relativity is that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light in space-time, but the concept of the speed of curvature is that a small region of space moves -weather. It's similar to walking on an airport treadmill, because the treadmill makes you travel faster than you could by walking the same distance above the ground.

Source: The Guardian Science

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