Holographic technology to store data

Optware is developing a technology capable of storing data between 100GB and 1TB, with a data transmission speed of 100Mbps to 1Gbps on discs that are the same diameter as current CDs and DVDs. It also plans to develop a 30GB capacity credit card.

According to its CEO, Optware aims to pioneer the creation of international standards for holographic data storage technology. Once the specifications are approved, Optware already has signed agreements with an optical disc manufacturer for the mass production of holographic versatile discs. In total, there are 4 products that Optware intends to launch on the market as of June 2006:

  • 200GB capacity holographic versatile disk (HVD) cartridges
  • Holographic Versatile Card (HVC)
  • Versatile 100GB Holographic Disks
  • HVD disc sleeves for read only

Video: HVault to Launch Holographic Storage This Spring (January 2021).